About Barloworld Supply Chain Software

Barloworld Supply Chain Software develops flexibly deployed software solutions, to enable clients to solve scalable & complex supply chain planning challenges, at the Supply Chain Design, Deployment and Execution level, supported by proven methodologies & processes, and international domain experts in Supply Chain Network & Inventory performance

Kevin Boake, Managing Director, Barloworld Supply Chain Software

Barloworld Supply Chain Software is a world class supply chain planning company with more than 600 international clients, offices in the United Kingdom, France, South Africa, Dubai and the USA, and a complement of agents and partners around the world. Parent company Barloworld Ltd is one of the largest companies in South Africa with a turnover of $7bn, operations in 26 countries around the world and a listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Providing supply chain planning software and methodology, Barloworld Supply Chain Software offers solutions to maximise the efficiency of the supply chain. Barloworld SCS supply chain consultants work with clients to ensure that there are robust supply chain management processes in place. Its supply chain network modelling software, CAST, designs and configures optimal supply chain infrastructure, while Optimiza demand planning and inventory management software delivers the optimal inventory deployment strategy. Both supply chain planning software solutions offer depth in functionality backed up by robust implementation and a proven track record in delivering strong returns on investment.

Offering a range of complementary professional supply chain management services, Barloworld Supply Chain Software uses its industry knowledge, specialist staff and its understanding of the underlying technology through its development of supply chain planning software, to construct robust models and to interpret their results. Professional services available include global supply chain design and configuration, inventory modelling and optimisation, transportation routing & scheduling, mentoring, training and supply chain audits, among others.

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GOLD Service is a collection of online services for Barloworld Supply Chain Software CAST clients. It allows users to submit support issues, transfer data between themselves and Barloworld consultants, claim and relinquish licenses for CAST, request remote mentoring plus more.

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