SMART Supply Chain Event - 7th May 2015

  • Starts 07/05/2015 until 07/05/2015 located Warwick University - UK
Today's global marketplace is volatile, that much is certain. As economies and financial markets have grown, supply chains are relied upon for business performance; also more global and more interdependent they are designed for speed, adaptability and reliability and must deliver on changing business drivers such as costs or service.

Barloworld Supply Chain Software & CSCMP joint Webinar

  • Starts 17/03/2015 until 17/03/2015 located Online
  • Webinar
Barloworld Supply Chain Software & CSCMP present: Creating adaptability in supply chain design and execution, provides profitable business responsiveness Join us for a webinar with Fraser Ironside – Head of Strategic Modelling at Barloworld Supply Chain Software and Miquel Serracanta-European Regional Advisor at CSCMP for a discussion on how companies can harvest untapped benefits.

CAST Aurora Webinar: Enterprise Integration Platform - A Christmas special!

  • Starts 17/12/2014 until 17/12/2014 located Online
  • Webinar
CAST Aurora's Enterprise Integration Engine enables a custom supply chain planning and visibility solution that is automated and repeatable on an ongoing basis, ensuring timely and continuous improvement in strategic & tactical network optimisation.

Barloworld User Forum 2014

  • Starts 11/11/2014 until 11/11/2014 located Heritage Motor Centre
  • Exhibitions
Barloworld Supply Chain Software will be holding its User Forum on Tuesday 11th november 2014 at The Heritage Motor Centre... The Barloworld User Forum provides an ideal opportunity for you to network with other users, share experiences, see development plans and new functionalities.

Barloworld is Silver sponsor at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2014 in London

  • Starts 10/09/2014 until 11/09/2014 located Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, London, UK.
  • Exhibitions
Barloworld Supply Chain Software will again be supporting the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, 10-11 September 2014 at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, London, UK.

CAST Aurora 2.1 Online Training Webinar for Dashboards

  • Starts 17/07/2014 until 17/07/2014 located Online
  • Webinar
Following the release of CAST Aurora 2.1, we are pleased to invite you to an online training webinar on Thursday 17th July 2014 showcasing the new dashboard & mapping interface functionality.

OPTIMIZA Webinar - Inventory Planning in an MRO Environment

  • Starts 28/05/2014 until 28/05/2014 located Online
  • Webinar
Integrated Maintenance Planning, Failure Modes, Criticality Analysis for improved Inventory Management

Exchainge - The Supply Chainers' Convention in Frankfurt 24th-25th June 2014

  • Starts 24/06/2014 until 25/06/2014 located Frankfurt, Germany
  • Exhibitions
Second annual international business conference for supply chain and operations professionals will take place in Frankfurt, Germany the 24th-25th June 2014. Ewan French, Chief Operating Officer at Barloworld Supply Chain Software is a speaker for the Network Optimisation session on Wednesday 25th June at 11:30am.

French Seminar - 18th June 2014 in Paris

  • Starts 18/06/2014 until 18/06/2014 located 20-22 Rue des Petits Hôtels, 75010 Paris, France
  • Exhibitions
You are cordially invited to the Barloworld Supply Chain Seminar - New approach to Integrated Planning in Paris, France on Wednesday 18th June 2014 from 1:30pm till 7pm

CAST Webinar - Announcing the release of CAST Aurora 2.1 Open Source Mapping & Dashboards

  • Starts 30/04/2014 until 30/04/2014 located Online
  • Webinar
Visualising the geographic supply chain is a crucial validation stage of any strategic network review. As new network solutions and Routes To Market are considered, being able to visualise those new strategies and routes geographically are a key requirement to securing buy-in and understanding across the wider organisation.

Webinar - S&OP Decision Support in Process Industries

  • Starts 09/04/2014 until 09/04/2014 located Online
  • Webinar
Realise reduced costs and better service levels through enhanced S&OP Decision Support for Process industries.

OPTIMIZA Webinar - Using the principles of 6-Sigma to ensure a long term sustainable success in the management of demand, inventory and supply

  • Starts 26/02/2014 until 26/02/2014 located Online
  • Webinar
Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control (DMAIC) is the cornerstone of a continuous improvement process for your demand, inventory and supply ordering procedures.

CAST Webinar - Cost-To-Serve

  • Starts 14/02/2014 until 14/02/2014 located Online
  • Webinar
Cost-To-Serve (CTS) calculates “the sum total of transaction costs which vary by product, by market, by channel and vary between customers” Gentles & Oliver 1998.

CAST Webinar - Dashboards, Cockpits & Visuals

  • Starts 19/12/2013 until 19/12/2013 located Online
  • Webinar
The latest User Interface development in CAST Aurora, offers powerful new graphing & mapping of data and results, as well as easy to use Pivot Charts & Data Grids, that combined will enhance data handling & updating, results review & results interpretation.

OPTIMIZA Webinar - Change control

  • Starts 04/12/2013 until 04/12/2013 located Online
  • Webinar
Change control - How do you know how to improve if you don’t know what has gone wrong? One thing for sure, the world is speeding up and at the same time, it is getting more complex. Product life cycles are shortening, product ranges are exploding and suppliers are further away.
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